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“Joss helped me to find my courage and conviction.”

This is one piece of feedback received from a very senior leader in my former company about how I had helped him to be at his best. It has stuck with me since as it highlighted a number of things:

  • Leadership is challenging and can be lonely – this leader was under pressure to perform, felt pulled in many different directions and was unsure how he would succeed
  • Just because you are a very senior leader does not mean that you always feel confident – when you feel stretched and don’t have time to think, your self-belief can take a knock (I know, I’ve been there myself…)
  • Courage is something leaders need in abundance – for me, it’s not the type of courage to run into a burning building and rescue someone, but rather the courage to change your mindset, move out of your comfort zone and try new things, and notice what happens
  • Conviction is something that many of us have lost – not the conviction that we are correct in our view of the world (we rarely are), but the conviction to take necessary and consistent actions and stay the course, despite the inevitable distractions and setbacks you will encounter, using your conviction to realise your full potential and be the best, most authentic version of you
  • I thrive on helping people to be a better version of themselves – it has been core to my work for over 25 years, something I have a gift for and it continues to be a privilege to help unlock people’s full potential

At Change Oasis, we help leaders, teams and organisations to think boldly, change positively and perform brilliantly. We work with successful and high potential leaders across a wide range of sectors, helping to boost their mojo and equipping them to lead others through change. The results are authentic and inclusive leaders, more agile and high performing teams, motivated employees, successful transformation and better business performance.

If you would like to explore how we can help you to navigate change in your world, drop us a line at and we would be happy to have a conversation with you.

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