Change Oasis

Our Change Model

The iterative process of positive change

Change is something we all struggle with at times. We sense we want or need something different to what we have today, but struggle to identify exactly what that is, how to get it or what is preventing us from realising it. 

We may fall into a fog of uncertainty or self doubt, become limited by the assumptions or beliefs we hold, or trapped by our thinking or habitual patterns of behaviour. However, when approached in the right way, change is something to be embraced and not feared.

Our proprietary change model and process helps to overcome these challenges through five key steps:

1. Curiosity – the starting point is always about gaining new insights (what do you really want to have happen? ) and then uncover any thinking traps, unhelpful assumptions or beliefs (what’s holding you back?).

2. Clarity – this is about defining how you can get what you want, what you need in place to make it happen and how to circumvent potential challenges.

3. Courage – this is not about being a superhero, but finding sufficient courage to step out of your comfort zone and try new things, and then notice what happens.

4. Confidence – this grows from seeing and assimilating both the successes and learning from experimenting, fuelling your self-belief that what you want is possible, underpinned by new learning and growth.

5. Conviction – repeated success and learning gives both individuals and teams the conviction to take necessary and consistent actions, avoiding being distracted from your purpose and goals so you can realise the benefits of change and unlock your full talents.

Embracing the journey of change

We help leaders, teams and organisations to embrace change, try new things, learn, grow and perform. We describe what we offer clients as a thinking partnership, helping unlock your best thinking and supporting action to ignite powerful change.

We use a variety of techniques and tools to support new insights which can lead to powerful breakthroughs. Thinking partnerships are typically underpinned by coaching, but may also blend mentoring, teaching or consulting techniques.

What is a thinking partnership?

  • It is a personal and professional development intervention which can have a powerful, positive and lasting impact.
  • Is focused on disrupting existing thinking and exploring alternative viewpoints and ideas.
  • It involves learning, but is not training. We do not teach people and teams how to do their job. We offer reflections, suggestions, tools, and other things that might be helpful.
  • It helps people to take ownership of the change they want, which always starts with what they can control, then broadens to what they can influence.
  • It supports accountability for change, but the action rests with the client, who will either choose to unlock change or stay stuck where they are.
  • A thinking partnership also provides insight but is not a substitute for the feedback and support that can and should be provided by the change sponsor and/or the line manager.

Aligning support for sustained progress

We scope every change engagement by following a simple process that gets everybody on the same page to interrogate the purpose of change, form a consensus of what successful change will look like, and outline what needs to be assessed and achieved in order to deliver change with minimum stress.

To increase the likelihood of positive impact and desired outcomes being achieved, our approach seeks alignment between the participant, sponsor and coach at the outset. 

In straightforward engagements, the thinking partnership may be a linear journey from start to finish to achieve agreed goals. With other clients, the value in the thinking partnership is such that it continues over a longer term, sometimes over a number of years.

We are certified in a variety of tools which provide breakthrough insights for individuals and teams alike, including emotional intelligence, personality profiles and the power of organisational relationship systems.

We also work with teams, functions and organisations on developmental programmes, which may combine individual thinking partnerships with peer group learning  sessions. 

The Change Oasis team has extensive expertise in planning and road-mapping proven positive change programmes for leaders, teams and organisations. We are happy to meet to discuss relevant case studies.

The results of our work are more authentic and inclusive leaders, more agile and high performing teams, more motivated employees, successful transformation and better business performance.