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Change Is an Irresistible Force

We will help you harness that force for superior performance and success

Helping you succeed in a fast-changing world

Businesses and business leaders are challenged on all sides by changes occurring at an exponential pace. Standing still is not an option, leaders and organisations must embrace and accelerate change. 

Easier said than done. But change is much easier when supported by objective, insightful and supportive experts who can work with you to effect change successfully. Our proven model and expertise will enable you to harness the potential of change and achieve greater success in less time.

Coaching leaders through change

Let’s be honest, leadership today is challenging. Even the most successful leaders can experience loneliness, self-doubt and impostor syndrome as the pressure to prove oneself, figure out the answers and deliver more and more continues to ratchet up.

We understand the demands facing you today and have coached many leaders to achieve their goals. From supporting new CEOs to launch business strategies to helping drive culture change; from implementing new organisational structures to deploying transformational technologies.

We can help you to gain clarity, feel more confident and tackle your challenges with courage and conviction.

Coaching dynamic teams through change

When they work brilliantly, teams can achieve what previously seemed out of reach or impossible. But teams today need to be totally aligned on their purpose, more effective in their ways of working and highly efficient in achieving results. 

We work with teams to help them become more aware, more aligned and more accountable so that they can achieve greater things. Our proven approach unlocks the hidden talent in teams, helping everyone to feel more included, valued and able to bring their best ideas, candour and energy to benefit the wider team.

Companies we have worked with

“Thank you for all your support and guidance for me, my team and the coaching that you have given us this year.  The work that you have done with the team has made a massive impact not only to us as a team, but also to us all as individuals.  This has been the most challenging year that I can remember and the programme with you has been instrumental in all of us thriving.”


David Butler

Head of Distribution, Quilter

“Thank you for all you have done with (and for) me and the skilled way that you shaped our conversations, the challenges you set and the care you took to navigate them with me.  It has laid the foundations of profoundly positive change.”


Philip Smith

Global Heal, Sustainable Business Transformation, Cognizant

“My performance has taken on a new dimension after working with Joss.  He brings an exceptional combination of theory that is perfectly balanced with real-world, and immediately-implementable techniques.  Working with Joss, I was able to rapidly increase my personal impact, and more importantly, the impact of my wider team.  He is a great coach, and has helped me immensely.”


Ben Russell

Director of Corporate Communications & Brand Strategy, Roche

Meet the Change Oasis team

Our team combines a wealth of experience and diverse talents, including qualified executive and team coaches, consultants, mediators and mentors. Having worked as senior executives in some of the world’s best-known companies, we understand leadership and how to help you succeed by harnessing change.

We guide clients through a more agile way of improving personal, team and organisational performance, working on a case-by-case basis to identify and overcome challenges to deliver change more effectively and sustainably.

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