Change Oasis


“Thank you for all your support and guidance for me, my team and the coaching that you have given us this year.  The work that you have done with the team has made a massive impact not only to us as a team, but also to us all as individuals.  This has been the most challenging year that I can remember and the programme with you has been instrumental in all of us thriving.”


David Butler

Head of Distribution, Quilter

“Thank you for all you have done with (and for) me and the skilled way that you shaped our conversations, the challenges you set and the care you took to navigate them with me.  It has laid the foundations of profoundly positive change.”


Philip Smith

Global Head, Sustainable Business Transformation, Cognizant

“My performance has taken on a new dimension after working with Joss.  He brings an exceptional combination of theory that is perfectly balanced with real-world, and immediately-implementable techniques.  I was able to rapidly increase my personal impact, and more importantly, the impact of my wider team.  He is a great coach, and has helped me immensely.”


Ben Russell

Director of Corporate Communications & Brand Strategy, Roche

“Joss delivered a programme on Empathetic Leadership for my team at Dow Jones which has been extremely valuable.  My team and I have benefited individually from his coaching, and he’s become a valued and trusted partner, helping me develop my own thinking and leadership.  His experience as a leader himself brings a practical element to the coaching, and I value his insights and ideas.”


Chris Lloyd

Former EVP Business Information Services, Dow Jones

“Joss is not only an expert coach, but full of relevant knowledge and with an innate ability to connect across different aspects of work cultures, life situations and professional development.  He inspired me to not be self-limiting in the opportunities I aspire to.  I would highly recommend his services for any individual or company seeking positive momentum in realising their vision.”


Vishal Mehta

Former VP Clinical Operations, Autolus

“I really enjoyed the coaching experience with Joss.  This was the first time I have worked with an external coach and I found the programme insightful, helpful and valuable in supporting my development as a business leader.”


David Hart

Director of Corporate Communications, Coca-Cola HBC