Change Oasis

Working With Leaders

Helping you to achieve change
and sustain it

At Change Oasis, we help leaders, teams and organisations to think boldly, change positively and perform brilliantly.

We work with successful and high potential leaders across a wide range of sectors, helping to boost their mojo and equipping them to lead others through change. 

The results are authentic and inclusive leaders, more agile and high performing teams, motivated employees, successful transformation and better business performance.

Going further, faster, without
burning yourself out

The harsh reality is that the pace of change we are experiencing now is the slowest we are going to experience; it is only going to accelerate. 

Faced with ongoing uncertainty and economic challenges, organisations have to make difficult decisions and significant changes in response. The pressure on leaders is intense and challenging, with pressure to drive performance in a world which is in constant flux.

Faced with this, we are convinced that leaders and organisations need the right skills and behaviours to adapt and thrive. Even the most accomplished leaders can feel lonely, experience moments of self doubt or be temporarily lost in the fog of uncertainty.

The value of external expertise in navigating constant change

The Change Oasis team brings long experience working in large, complex organisations where the biggest deficit most leaders have is a lack of time and space to think.

Change is not only constant, as the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus wisely noted, but it is accelerating and we are poorly equipped to manage it. We live in a world which moves so fast, we spend most of our time trying to catch up. It can be exhausting. In such a world, how can we possibly do our best thinking and navigate change in the best way?

We see clients regularly falling into this ‘busyness’ trap where they are always stretched and often struggling to think clearly. By contrast, their best thinking will happen when they can step back and slow down. When leaders have the time and space to do their best thinking, it is an opportunity to take perspective. The ability to slow down and think better feels like a calm space in the midst of a frenetic, large city – like an oasis.

Supporting leaders to embrace change through a proven approach

Helping people to change positively by providing a calm and safe space to think better, for themselves, was the inspiration for creating Change Oasis and also our framework for positive change. We believe that there are 5 Cs which hold the key to changing positively – curiosity, clarity, courage, confidence and conviction.

These are areas where external expertise and experience can significantly accelerate your rate of progress.

The Change Oasis team supports senior executives and business leaders in a range of functions. We are happy to meet to discuss relevant case studies.