How understanding our emotions changes the way we feel

Identifying desirable and undesirable emotions using cards

It’s amazing how identifying your emotions can transform the way you see things. Because I’ll be honest with you, running your own small business at times is bloody hard. At its best, it’s amazing. I love the variety of work and feel lucky to work with brilliant clients. But every once in a while things […]

Listening, finding your passion and feeling inspired

Taking in the view over Lac Cenis, French Alps

Last week, I was in the French Alps with my son, Reece Mathieson. Just the two of us, enjoying time on the slopes, something we both love. We had a blast – the snow was good, the sun came out and we had some great laughs. Particularly my slow-speed comedy topple into deep powder just […]

Embracing Discomfort: The Path to Confidence, Learning and Change

How to embrace discomfort - confidence, learning and change

Human nature often leads us to seek comfort and familiarity. We tend to stick to routines and avoid venturing into the unknown. However, the ‘change juice’ of growth and personal development lies just beyond the boundaries of our comfort zones.  Stepping outside this cosy realm takes courage, but it is an essential step towards becoming […]