Change Oasis

Working With Teams

Helping teams successfully
navigate rapid change

Regardless of industry sector, the teams we work with are under immense pressure to perform in a world which is dynamic and unpredictable. At times like this, teams can really benefit from external expertise and guidance to help them succeed. 

From newly-formed to well-established teams, we help them to increase their awareness of each other and their context, to increase alignment on their goals and ways of working, and to support and hold each other accountable for action.

Helping teams to increase awareness

The better teams understand their context, purpose and each other, the better the chances they can come together to achieve amazing things that could not be achieved by individuals alone.

We use a range of different tools and techniques to reveal powerful insights that can help teams understand each other better. These include:

  • Emotional Intelligence (Emotional Capital Report)
  • Lumina Spark and Lumina Team
  • Organisational relationship systems coaching

Helping teams to increase alignment

Underperformance and dysfunction in teams typically stem from poor alignment about the goals, strategy and priorities the team needs to deliver, and how the team needs to work together in order to achieve them most effectively and efficiently.

We use a range of tools and techniques to help you understand where your team is now, where you need to get to and how to close the gap to make it happen. These include:

  • MirrorMirror team alignment
  • Systemic team coaching
  • TeamConnect 360

Helping teams to increase accountability

Ultimately, teams are judged on their performance and outcomes achieved. We work with teams to ensure clarity of accountability, willingness to take ownership and commitment to follow through.

Teams work best when people trust their colleagues, feel safe enough to contribute fully and are willing to challenge and hold peers accountable in order for the team to achieve better outcomes. We help teams create safety and inclusivity in order to unlock their full talents and ideas.

Helping teams in SMEs to
PLCs perform at their best

We have helped a wide range of teams in different contexts to increase their awareness, alignment and accountability for superior performance.

Our approach is to work with a team over an extended period of time, both when they are together and when they are apart. We use a team coaching approach which considers the broader picture of what the team needs to deliver, the systems of which they are part and the relationships between team members and other stakeholders.

We also work with clients to design and deliver workshops, team offsite meetings and development programmes to help teams achieve a wide range of outcomes.