How understanding our emotions changes the way we feel

It’s amazing how identifying your emotions can transform the way you see things.

Because I’ll be honest with you, running your own small business at times is bloody hard.

At its best, it’s amazing. I love the variety of work and feel lucky to work with brilliant clients.

But every once in a while things get tough.

In a world of chaotic change

I know it’s not just me – most of my coaching clients are sharing how challenging their roles are right now.

Leadership teams that I’m working with are struggling with the sheer volume of change and uncertainty they face.

Many organisations I am advising are cutting back and having to make valued colleagues redundant.

When I hit a period like this, what I have learned is I need to look in the mirror. To ask myself the sort of questions I ask my clients.

And to use exercises I use with them. The cards shown in the picture are the result of one such powerful exercise.

Getting comfortable using the F-word

In the crazy, chaotic reality of now, I find myself helping leaders and teams to use the F-word more and more at work – Feelings.

All change is emotional. And right now, the change we are experiencing is often of the undesirable variety. True for me. Probably true for you too.

But when we understand our emotions and share them with our colleagues, magic happens. New insights and conversations become possible. A better way of working with each other can become a reality.

When we intentionally define how we want to feel to be successful, and also acknowledge how we don’t want to feel (but recognise sometimes we might), we can then make a choice.

How I’m feeling now

I’ve found myself experiencing the undesirable feelings below – doubt, reactive, uncertain, hesitant, disconnected and afraid – more than I would like recently. How about you?

But doing this exercise for myself also reconnected me with how I need to feel to be successful – curious, empathetic, helpful, playful, courageous and connected.

And I have chosen to lean into these desirable feelings and take action.

I feel better already.

How about you? How are you feeling?

If you’d like to explore this for you or your team, let me know. It could be a game-changer.

Email to set up a call.

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